3. The Big Conversation

Now that we laid the groundwork on the Big Pivot lets talk about the Big Conversation.

Lets just get the setting laid out for you so you can get a real feel for the context of the big conversation.

We are the proud parents of 3 year old boy/girl twins. They were 2.5 at this period of time.

All the parents out there will understand when I say our life is a gong show most days. A joyous, laugh, cry, meltdown and celebration filled gong show. A gong show that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I sometimes refer to our kids as the twinado’s because the destruction left in their path is very real. Toys, food, clothes (especially socks!), couch pillows, you name it! They are full tilt kids. Not the meek, sit in the corner and read type kids. They are all go, all the time. Spirited children, yes, lets call them spirited. As much as this is a challenge now I know this energy and spice will serve them well when they grow up. I keep telling myself this anyways.

So we thought it would be a great idea to take these kids camping.

You know, fresh air, nature, campfires and all the great bbq food. You can have those great undistracted conversations over the campfire. Perfect setting to break the news to my husband about the career change.

Sounds perfect right!

Ordinarily yes.

But our kiddos where the definition of crazy. They screamed, cried and fought over every rock and stick. To keep things interesting they also tried to kill themselves multiple times on picnic tables, sticks and tent stakes. And they wouldn’t sleep. Like, at all. Not for naps or at night for bed. Here we are wondering how they can not be totally exhausted by running non stop all day. I know we were. But nope, no sleep thanks.

So while our kids where “settling” for bed in the tent my husband and I finally had a chance to sit with a beer around the empty bonfire pit. There was a fire ban in effect so no bonfire. Lame, but whatever we were glad to be sitting in one spot for a few minutes.

So I break the news.

I tell my husband about wanting to leave dental hygiene. He was not surprised at all about this. I guess I do complain from time to time (Ahem… yes, only time to time) about working as a dental hygienist and especially its affects on my body. 

And then the curve ball.

I want to be a software developer. Mike. Drop.

I then go on to explain my reasoning. I had done a computer science class in high school eons ago, but I really actually enjoyed it. I wanted to do something that was not going to take such a physical toll on my body. And most importantly I wanted to do something that I can continue to grow in.

The last sentence I did not realize at the time is the understatement of the century. In the tech industry things are constantly moving and changing and growing that you have to grow or you become irrelevant. And there is SO much to learn. Which is awesome and overwhelming at times.

My husband was actually totally supportive right away. Which is not surprising as that is his nature. But I was surprised he was not initially concerned since it is such a big change for me and our family. He is the type that analyzes everything. Whats involved, the effort required and all the possible outcomes. He had been in the tech industry long enough to know this was a no-brainer. There is so much opportunity in tech and he knows I have the mind for it.

I also have the determination. Once I set my sites on something I want. I am like a dog with a bone.

Now where do I start? Do I go for a Bachelors in Computer Science? Do I do a bootcamp? Which area in tech do I want to focus? So. Many. Questions.

That we will delve into on the next post.

But just to finish off our amazing camping expedition.

Our son seemed to have gotten a chill while he was settling for bed and started to get a cold. So he cried off and on every 2-5 minutes through the entire night. The entire campsite probably hated us. And to top it off he attracted a pack of wild coyotes to our tent sniffing at our heads. Awesome.

Needless to say we didn’t sleep a wink and as soon as the sun came up the next morning we packed up and went home as fast as we could. Two more days of this, no way.

Next on to The Big Plan!


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